This is a verbal description that means a lot of speech without a clear action, and it means bored and sarcasm !


I recently met with people who call themselves “entrepreneurs,” and the definition of an entrepreneur in our society is someone who has: an office, a store, a company, or a commercial building.
This is, in fact, not an accurate definition.
Rather, my opinion is that the enthusiastic youth and active merchants have been charged with the idea of ​​an “entrepreneur” and seminars and meetings are held between members. All that is known at the end of the discussion session is that everyone in the hall is “entrepreneurs” as just Fictitious name not surrounded by achievement, business, and knowledge. All they can know is:

See how we did it

The entrepreneur must know an important matter, either you are familiar with the management, marketing and your position in the market, or you must work on the recruitment and agency strategy at work.
The largest companies in the world believe in specialization, confidence and efficiency, as they assign the task to the owners of specialization in management, marketing, follow-up, design and others, unlike the majority of those who call themselves entrepreneurs, wanting to control everything 
even if they appoint the competent person, they direct it and Imprisonment of his orientations and experiences 
says, “The Genius – Steve Jobs

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And before elaborating on that, what is entrepreneurship?

  • In this, we must know the types of the market, as the market is either a new market or a renewal or a consumer market, under these three sections of the market you can reach
  • For the true meaning of entrepreneurship 
  • Entrepreneur moves according to a carefully thought out plan to move * Dealing with the method of electronic marketing and dealing with technology
  • Create a distinct customer experience 

All that has been mentioned may move investors to learn about your surviving experience, and it is possible for a giant company to acquire your product or project with a huge financial value

We can mention James Freeman’s  successful experience  with a specialty coffee shop 

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This idea for a coffee shop, he took care of him very 
, very, very, very, very much, in 2002 in America 
that he even caught the attention of two real entrepreneurs 
succeeded by the prestigious company 


In its acquisition in 2007

Entrepreneurs possessed all this thought, work and wealth in most cases motivated by passion for their work
and their love for development and their belief in capabilities and correct employment, it is not necessary to be aware of everything, it is not necessary to master everything. It is
sufficient to focus on one strong idea, and the rest The requirements are entrusted to the specialist and the person with experience “on condition that he has faith in you and in the idea

Great leaders

Jeff Bezos

amazon owner

Vince McMahon

Chairman & CEO of WWE

What did they need to have this mass production?


WWE Raw is a sports entertainment mega-show that has been providing interest in freestyle since the 1990s

Vince McMahon embraced the development of this simple company in its infancy, regardless of what he called “entrepreneurship”
and it has become.
The company gets very huge revenues, with good direction, strong employment and faith in capabilities


Amazon, an e-commerce and cloud computing site, was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos and is based in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest retailer in the world

All I want to say is that leadership is an important matter that we all motivate, knowing what true leadership means, in practical, social and other societies. It is
not words and a game written and said to draw attention and reserve a place on the complex of true pioneers

There are many examples and entrepreneurs are many, but I liked to give examples with two people. I bet that a very large percentage of the general public and those interested in entrepreneurship do not know who they are
or who they are, they are an example of commercial intelligence, the power of spread and the stability of progress and they were never


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