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I am Osama Al-Bayhani. Similarly , I started my journey in the world of graphics and branding water since 2007 until now. In addition ,  my website www.obihay.com is here to help emerging startup brands and make a real and powerful change in the market.

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– Branding , Building Consultant and CEO

– The first lecturer in the Arab world in the field of visual art

– The first academic in the field of graphics and branding in the region

– Within 1000 Arab artists

– Author of the book Visual Art and the Human Mind – international trademark advocate

– A consultant for more than 30 organizations and institutions

– holds advanced certificates in professional marketing and brand management. Therefore,
From the US and Canadian Ministry of Commerce, a BA in Graphics and Visual Arts from America

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Osama Al-bihany

He engaged with many accounts and companies Communicating better with clients and generating intense brand

Together, we can make an impact good where it really art
 and quality are two key ways
Osama Al-Bihany can help your business.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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