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The international coffee company “Starbucks” is unique in the leadership in the world of hot and cold coffee, which makes the obvious question …
from the seventies until now, what makes this company resilient? Is it strong and renewed?

I believe that the secret of this brilliance lies in the “ belief in the product. ” In general, the company has succeeded in convincing all people that the coffee they serve is of high quality and understands the needs of coffee lovers “and non-coffee lovers” so that this principle that depends on the strength of spread and trust has been true They are hurting, with their heavy loss in the Australian market.

But in any case, it offers a real product and more for the customer, I will show you what is “hidden” that Starbucks offe

Offer affection

The emotional relationship that Starbucks is interested in providing to the customer and the eagerness to provide an unforgettable customer experience is the secret of the success and survival of Starbucks, although many people believe that Starbucks offers a “very bad” strength, and despite that it is keen to provide the best service and the best product For the customer, keeping to offer love and affection in their products is a thought-provoking issue.
Personally, a strange situation occurred to me in some countries abroad .. I
entered one of their branches, ordered my usual coffee, and it was already served as usual. I received my order and went outside the store quickly to catch up with my friends, and with my speed, my balance was disturbed and the cup of coffee fell, it was completely over. To me the
strange thing , that the employee who sold me the cup of coffee saw the scene, and quickly followed me to tell me that I was sorry for what happened to me, then offered me another cup of similar to my request and said, 
This is for free, this is for you, brother! This is exactly what Starbucks offers the customer, more than just a cup of coffee.

Not only that, also taking care of the design as a whole, starting with the design of the advertising billboard and the design of the packaging and the method of presenting the product, and the most important thing is their breakthrough idea in designing the interior decoration of their stores also in a way of “using emotion” When Starbucks wants to open a branch in a country, it She designs the interior decoration of this branch in the same way, traditions, country and place, so that the citizen in that country does not feel “a kind of strange and unfamiliar.”

What I mentioned is a long history and a long legacy for a global company that works on a giant business plan, continuous improvement of employees, unique presentation of products and careful planning for administrators, in my opinion, it is entitled to put its own cups, printed on it their brand to sell, it has got the customer’s affection.
My wonder is the rapid growth of cafes and specialty coffee in this period. I see that each owner opens his own coffee, and first puts shelves on it for his own cups printed on it the store’s name or brand !!
Of course, “customers do not buy these mugs or the products in your store.”

Remember, you need to put in a massive marketing effort and provide a unique and unforgettable customer experience for your customers to always win:


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